This post is a bit late, but I have had trouble trying to find time to actually sit down and write between school work and travel. So anyway, as part of the program, we took a group trip to Barcelona over Halloween weekend. Of course, it was as amazing as anyone could have expected.  First, … More Barcelona

Dublin, Ireland

First, I just want to say brace yourselves – this is about to be a full-scale post about one of the most interesting and incredible weekends I have had since I have left the United States. After a very long week of doing nothing but essays and schoolwork, I was quite thrilled to have a little bit … More Dublin, Ireland

Allá Voy, España

Today is the day. In less than 12 hours my plane will be taking off in Charlotte and heading to Madrid. The mere thought of leaving and living in a different country for just three months is crazy to me, considering how much of a homebody I am. However, I have no doubt that it will … More Allá Voy, España